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Raise My Test Score

Have you tried just about everything to raise your score, but you still feel you're underperforming? If so, then Test Performance Training is exactly what you're looking for.

The Best Test Performance Training

While everyone is taught to study, very few people are taught the secrets to test performance. If you are like most people, you likely spend many hours studying and preparing for an exam. But studying and practice do not always translate into better test scores. While everyone is taught to study, very few people are taught the secrets to test performance. Learning to execute your skills and knowledge at test time with Test Performance Training can determine whether you underperform or excel on your next exam. So if you want to perform at your best, studying more may not be the answer. Instead, you need to train for performance.

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Why Test Performance Training?

Some individuals are naturally better test takers. With these individuals, the test situation brings out the best in them. There is a larger group of test takers (60%) who find that test conditions actually interfere or undermine their natural ability to excel on exams. For these test takers, their performance...

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What results I can expect?

5-10% improvements are common. If you are taking the SAT or GRE for example, 50 to 200 point improvements are very possible.

It may sound far-fetched, but the fact is you can make a substantial difference in your overall score by changing...

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Will my scores improve?

You can find out in just a couple of minutes by completing the Test Stress Questionnaire.

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I took the Performance Training with Dr. Schoen and my exam score improved by 150 points. The course hypnosis CDs were very helpful. This time when I took the test I felt in command, where the last time I felt at the mercy of the test and frozen.

Jason B. - Los Angeles, CA

Performance Training made it possible for me to be much more focused, alert, and confident during the exam. My score improved by 125 points. I wish I had known about this training when I had taken the test the first time.

Zach G. - Los Angeles, CA

I really do attribute part of my passing to the Test CDs and techniques that you taught me during our sessions. I would use the breathing and chest technique before each section of the test and... I was able to stay steady and focused throughout the test.

Ross E. - Encino, CA

Hitting a Home Run:  Making the Most of Your Test Prep Effort

Taking your test prep course is your first priority. But your second priority is to take Test Performance Training which can help you reap all the benefits of your test prep course.
Why leave it to chance?

Test Performance Training makes it possible to leverage and execute your new knowledge at test time.

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