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Looking for an easy way to boost your GRE score by 50 to 200 points?

5 to 10% improvements are common – so 50 to 200 point improvements are very possible. And you can accomplish this in as little as 17 minutes a day.

It may sound far-fetched, but the fact is you can make a substantial difference in your overall score by changing your test taking habits.

Why is this true? With improved Test Habits, your ability to concentrate, recall, critically think, successfully manage test stress and defeatist thoughts allows you to approach many more questions in the best possible state to answer them successfully.

And even if these new Test Habits only improved your ability to answer 5 to 10 more questions correctly – well, these questions alone can significantly boost your score on standardized tests.

You see, test performance is strongly affected by Test Taking Habits, which are a direct result of past test taking experiences. Future test performance is strongly influenced by our past history of taking exams. This explains why studying alone does not guarantee results. And if you have noticed your past test results being compromised under pressure conditions – then chances are, your Test Taking Habits will influence your future test performance.

In other words, past exam experiences which have gone poorly can predispose you to have poor exam experiences in the future. This is why on future exams you can experience poor concentration and distractibility, stress, poor recollection, compromised critical thinking, sleep disruption, and defeatist thoughts and feelings whether or not it is genuinely warranted by the test situation.

Despite a wide breath of research substantiating the merits of test performance training, it is virtually ignored in the test preparation arena. Yet with the vast time expenditure and resources devoted to test knowledge, there is seldom even a sliver of time dedicated for developing the critical skills and Test Habits that are central to executing this knowledge at test time. And this is where Test Performance Training shines.

What you can expect

  • Much improved concentration, focus, recall, critical thinking, and test stress resilience.
  • Much greater resistance to self-defeating thoughts and feelings.
  • Improved sleep and mood.

All of which, significantly increase the likelihood of answering a greater number of questions correctly and the probability of 50 to 200 point increases on the exam.

What's involved?

It's actually quite easy. There are three mp3 audio files that you will be listening to six weeks before the exam. For the first two weeks, you will be listening to one audio file called, 'Test Performance' at bedtime (approximately 15 minutes). But don't be alarmed - for you can literally fall asleep to this audio file if you like. In other words, there is no heavy lifting.

On the start of the third week, you will begin listening to a very short audio file called 'The Study Day' (approximately 7 minutes). You will be asked to play this audio file prior to studying or whenever you are taking practice test questions. You will be continuing to listen to the Night CD at bedtime.

With the start of the fourth week, you will replace the 'Test Performance' audio file with 'The Test Night' (approximately 15 minutes) audio file, which is also to be played at bedtime. You will also continue to use 'The Study Day' audio file prior to studying and test taking.

As you can see, training your mind and body to perform at its highest level requires very little time and commitment, and can be easily assimilated into your busy schedule.